How long can I rent your products for?

Our standard rental policy is for up to 3 days, with an option to extend rental past 3 days for an additional discounted daily rate.

Can I pick up products instead of getting them delivered?

Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, Totally Lit handles all delivery, setup, & takedown to limit potential damage to them.

Do your products stand on their own?

Yes, our products have built-in and concealed bases, which allow them to stand on their own.

Can I use your products outside?

Yes, they can be used outside in normal weather conditions. Customer must provide a backup indoor location where products can be moved in case of inclement weather.

How many outlets are needed to power the lights?

Just one outlet is needed, as the lights plug into each other and then into an outlet.

Do the light bulbs get hot after continuous use?

No, the light bulbs do not get hot, but they do get a bit warm like all light bulbs.

What happens if one of the lightbulbs burns out?

Our lightbulbs are all tested prior to installation to ensure quality, but if one does burn out, we always provide additional bulbs and show the customer how to replace them if needed.

Can I customize the color of your products or lightbulbs?

We only provide the Marquees in white and the default light bulb color is standard- warm incandescent. Additional light bulb customization (red, green, blue, etc.) can be done for an up-charge (The price is determined by color and complexity of request).

Do you offer products in sizes other than 2 and 4 feet?

Currently, we only carry an inventory of 2 & 4 ft. products. We will try our best to accommodate special requests.

Can I buy your products?

Right now, we only offer rentals for our products. We will try our best to accommodate special purchasing requests.

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